ESN Germany at Studyworld 2017 in Berlin

Studyworld will take place on May 12th and 13th in Berlin and is focused on opportunities to study and your career in Germany or abroad! You can expect more than 150 exhibitors from 25 different countries who will inform you about possibilities to study, self-development or international exchange. Plus, it’s a great chance to extend your business network.

Our new elected president Isabell will talk about possibilities and chances of international experience on Friday, May 12th. In this discussion under the topic “Erasmus+ more than just studying abroad” she will lead through the following issues:

  •    What is the Erasmus-programme about?
  •   Where does it come from?
  •     How much financial support do I get via the Erasmus fund?
  •    How does the application process look like?
  •    Which soft skills will I develope for my personal career?

Drop by, have a look and start making first contacts which will help you in your future career!



  • Everyone is invited.